Stripes and Dots


PaintNite! Don’t you just love the concept? Sitting in a bar with a bunch of friends and let creativity take over you? Well, that’s exactly what we did that night. There is something relaxing and inspiring about taking time off to let your creativity flow. With an instructor on site, helping the newbies on how to mix colors, lines and shapes, it’s pretty fun and easy! And add to that the fact that you can also have a couple of drinks: the perfect night!

To attend this event I chose a very casual outfit: striped sweater, black pants and a polka dot scarf to add an interesting touch. Another easy trick when it comes to mixing prints is to keep them within the same colors. Even if you add a completely different print, if they are within a monochrome palette it will look harmonious.

So… what do you think of my “piece of art”? Have you already attended PaintNite before? Let me know about your experience on the comments below!

I’m wearing:

Jacob striped sweater
Jacob polka dot scarf
Suzy Shier black pants








DSC_1512 DSC_1523


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