Insta-Life: Summer times

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Summer is going by so fast, isn’t it? It seems like yesterday when spring was starting and everything was green again! Now we are in the middle of August and I’m starting to be scared of the cold weather in Canada (Oh my dear Canada!). Being born in Mexico and living in Canada for the last 3 years, I can tell you that winter here can seem like an eternity! (specially when I go on Instagram and I see pictures from California girls). Gosh! But what can we do right? (besides travelling to a warmer destination). So let’s enjoy the last days of summer and go shopping for the months to come!

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Hasta pronto!

(Plaid and Leopard at the cathedral / beautiful terrace view at Le Saint-Sulpice)

2014-05-09_1399652735   2014-05-20_1400624939 2014-02-19_1392815335 2014-05-21_1400709252

(juice detox time! / the pencil skirt photoshoot at the library)



(Sushi dinner with my loved one. Don’t this pictures make you hungry? / Paintnite! One of the most fun activities I’ve done this year! Do you like my piece of art?)

2014-02-18_1392748003   2014-05-18_1400453126 2014-05-10_1399742125   2014-05-11_1399767738

(Another shot from from Plaid and Leopard / gorgeous sunset in Montreal. Isn’t it lovely?)



(The Trench Coat, a classic piece that never goes out of style! / Stripes and Dots outfit I wore for Paintnite! Seriously, If you haven’t tried it yet, you gotta go!)


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