Surfing in Oceanside, California


Today we spent a wonderful day by the beach doing one of my favorite activities: body surfing!!  I love It because it’s so easy and fun! You don’t need previous experience, just a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to try it a couple of times before you really get the good waves. And when you get into the wave, oh god it feels just awesome!!! Every time I get a good one I’m super excited and for some reason I cant stop smiling!

Have you tried surfing? What is your favorite beach activity? (more…)

Shopping at Fashion Valley, San Diego


Hi sweeties!!

I love going on roadtrips, and of course, this summer was no exception! This day I started a roadtrip in California, but of course I had to be prepared so we went shopping at Fashion Valley mall in San Diego, California. I love this mall because it has great variety of luxury brands, as well as a large selection of great retailers. In this pictures you can see a little bit of the mall and my shopping experience! Enjoy!

Have you been at Fashion Valley mall? Which are your favorite stores? (more…)

Coronado Beach


I love beautiful and unexpected days, don’t you?

I love waking up in the morning with no idea about my day ahead, and then see it turn into a beautiful and unexpected day.

A couple of weeks ago I went to San Diego to pick up my boyfriend, who travelled all the way from Canada to see me! (Aaaaawww!!) We went to Westfield Horton Plaza Mall to have a snack and shop. Later that afternoon we ended up crossing the Coronado bridge and spending a wonderful evening by the beach. This is one of the first photoshoots I made for the blog so you can figure out my excitement! I was like a kid, playing around, jumping and spinning all over the place! People would stare at me like: “What’s wrong with that girl? Why is she so excited?” hahaha. But oooh god! I was having fun like 10 year old! (more…)

Welcome to my blog!

High Heels, Steve Madden, Fashion


Today is the day I publish my first post… what an emotional rollercoaster!!  I’m so excited for all the new adventures that are to come into my life and that will be shared in this blog! At the same time I’m very nervous, because creating a blog is exposing yourself. It’s saying to the world: “Hey, this is me and this is what I think”, and that can be a little bit terrifying. I also feel very grateful for the all the knowledge I’ll gain and for this opportunity of growing with the blog and learning new things about myself, life, cities, and of course, blogging! And obviously, the best part of this adventure is getting to know and interact with great girls like you, who also have a passion for fashion!

So my dear reader, always remember that this blog exists for you, and thanks to you is that it will grow. Thank you so much for being with me at the beginning of this new adventure. Stay a while and let’s become friends! (more…)

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