One skort. Two looks.

White skort White skort and leather jacket


When I fall in love with a something from my wardrobe I usually like to wear it many times. Of course, I need to be creative. That’s why I decided to create two different looks using the same white skort. On the first picture I went for a sporty-chic look. On the second one I opted for black and white outfit with an edgy touch. VOTE below for your favorite one!


Cuando me enamoro de alguna prenda de mi closet me gusta usarla tanto como sea posible. Claro, tengo que ser creativa. Por eso decidí hacer dos looks con el mismo skort blanco. En la primera foto opté por un look con un toque deportivo, mientras que en la segunda foto elegí un look blanco y negro. VOTA abajo por tu favorito!

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When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

When you feel like quitting think about why you started


Ok, I’ll be honest with you guys. I’ve been asking myself for days “What should I talk about in my blog?” It is hard to find inspiration when you’ve been away for so long. The only thing that keeps crossing my mind is this quote:

When you are about to quit, think about why you started”

And maybe I should talk about that today.

The truth is that I started this blog because I wanted to share what I love. I want to connect with other people who also share my passions: photography, fashion, beauty, travel. But mostly, I started this blog because I wanted to live a fully lived life. Yes, that’s it. It’s so simple and yet the most daring adventure a human can ever take. I wanted to have this amazing life and the blog would be one of the things that would motivate me to get up in the morning and do something I have always dreamt of, cross something off from my bucket list. And so far this blog has been a blessing for me, always providing me opportunities I hadn’t even imagined, and motivating me to pursue my wildest dreams. I am incredibly grateful for what I’ve lived so far thanks to Globetrotter in Heels.

So… I’ve been thinking of this project of mine and the truth is that I am not ready to give up yet, and I might never be. Living one’s dreams and being happy is the most important thing for me, I mean, Isn’t that the purpose of life? So as I grab the courage (and discipline! lol) of doing what I love, I’d like to invite you to think for a moment of those personal projects that you may have left behind and ask yourself: Do you want to give it up? Or are you ready to make it happen? Whatever you choose, you have the power to take that decision and to turn in into reality.  

So, after this long break, I know I’m ready for a second part of amazing adventures. Are you with me?

The White Skort


 I still remember when I saw this white Topshop skort for the first time. I was at The Bay downtown Montreal and I see a girl holding this magnificent piece. My mind goes like “I love it and I need to have it! Now!” Luckily the girl puts it back in the rack. I wait until she leaves not to look like a crazy shopaholic running after her. When she disappears I go get the skort and I realize it’s exactly my size. I was so happy to find this gorgeous piece and so lucky it fits me perfectly!

This white skort is so versatile you can wear it with pretty much anything. You can also dress it up or down, making it work for different occasions. It goes perfectly with heels or sandals. The first time, I styled it with an athletic top to give it a sporty-chic look. Now I decided to go with a classic black and white outfit, adding a leather jacket for a more edgy look.


Todavía recuerdo la primera vez que vi este skort blanco. Estaba en The Bay, en el centro de Montreal y veo a una chica que esta agarrando esta magnífica prenda. En cuanto lo veo mi mente empieza a volverse un poco loca y me digo a mi misma que necesito comprarlo inmediatamente. Para mi suerte, la chica vuelve a poner el skort en su lugar y entonces espero a que se vaya para no verme como una compradora compulsiva corriendo atrás de ella. En cuanto desaparece, corro por el skort me doy cuenta de que es mi talla y me queda a la perfección!

El skort blanco es una pieza muy versátil y te lo puedes poner con lo que sea. Lo puedes llevar casual con unas sandalias o un poco mas chic si le agregas tacones. La primera vez lo combine con un top deportivo para darle un look sporty chic. Esta vez decidí combinarlo con un top blanco y una chamarra de piel para darle un toque mas rebelde.


I’m wearing:

Topshot skort
Vintage lace top
H&M fake-leather jacket
BCBG black heels


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black jacket


Melissa Nepton SS15


The Montreal-based designer Melissa Nepton presented her SS15 collection on October 29 at La Fonderie Darling.

Melissa Nepton’s collection is inspired by sporty-chic women from the 1920’s. Her designs are feminine, casual and definitely comfortable. The dominant color in her collection is white. Touches of black, turquoise, light blue and peach hues are to be found on many of the pieces. Color blocking, plunging necklines and see-through fabrics are the main components of this athletic-inspired collection.

Custom jewelry and footwear were also designed by Melissa to complement her SS15 collection. Strappy sandals and sneaker-like shoes will be available next spring.

There are so many beautiful and outstanding pieces in this modern and feminine collection. Below you can find some of my favorites!

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